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Mountain High Ranch Offers Year-Round Outdoor Adventure!!

(Se Habla Español)

Welcome to our Private Land at Mountain High Ranch! We specialize in private land hunting, but offer other outdoor adventure possibilities.

We've leased to Sportmen for hunting in the past, both long term short term. We have also leased to individuals for private family use. Our mission is to accomodate your needs. We will customize your mule deer/elk hunt, either for you individually or for your group.  

Colorado Private Land Hunting Ranches certainly have their place, and are worth the time. Here’s some advantages about ours...

1) With our lodging on site, you never have to leave Mountain High Ranch ®. “Stay where you hunt, hunt where you stay.”

2) Senior Hunts - Youth Hunts--both in a safe environment.

3) Easy access to many areas for people with limited mobility.

4) We offer a great hunting alternative for hunting partners who aren't willing or able to go on a rough, back country, hike in-hunting expedition this year.

5) Southwest of Durango, Colorado in the Four Corners Region. Plenty to do. Great fishing, casinos, and restaurants!

Mountain High Ranch is also available with accomodations for on site hiking, family reunions, spiritual retreats, rallies, day picnics, cross country skiing, snowboarding, sledding, Christmas tree cutting, rifle range practice, archery practice, treasure hunts--name your pleasure!

"VRBO" and large/small animal friendly.

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