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Colorado Outdoor Adventures

Good Memories Last a Lifetime


GAME UNIT 741 (GMU 741)


  We invite you to experience the privacy and safety that this land has to offer. Excellent set up of farmland and fields, forest, ridges and draws, natural blinds, several mud slosh pits, ponds, and water troughs at various locations throughout the property.

We outfit you with the farm land, comfortable accommodations and we will provide you with maps and familiarize you with the area. We will not guide you on your hunt, but we are available to assist you.

Buddy hunts are a blast with your best friends and great hunting partners , because,they know how you roll !

Family-style hunts! Teach your young ones how to hunt, and enjoy the success with the thrill of the hunt together.


Click the link to see photos of the hunting area in living color!

2020 Hunting Lease Prices

All Deer Tags by Draw Only

License Applications Open March 1, 2021

License Application Deadline is April 6, 2021

Type of Hunt


Price per person



Sept 2-Sep 30

$1650.00 for 7 days per hunter or $2000.00 per hunter for 12 day hunt, includes lodging

Minimum 2 hunters /additional days available

Muzzleloading Rifle

(draw only)

Sept 10–18 Deer/Elk

$1650.00  per hunter for a 9 day hunt.

includes lodging

Minimum 2 hunters

Rifle Separate


First Season ​Oct 15-Oct 19

$1650.00 per hunter for a 5 day hunt, includes lodging

Minimum 2 hunters /additional days avalilable

Rifle Combined

Mule Deer/Elk

Second Season Oct 29–Nov 6

$1650.00 per hunter for a 9 day hunt,

includes lodging

Minimum 2 hunters 

Rifle Combined

Mule Deer/Elk

Third Season Nov 12-18

$1650.00 per hunter for a 7 day hunt,

includes lodging

Minimum 2 hunters

Rifle Combined

Mule Deer/Elk

Fourth Season Nov 23-27

(limited deer and/or elk)

$1650.00 per hunter for a 5 day hunt, includes lodging

Minimum 2 hunters 


(ONLY with Hunter)

To accompany the Hunter


Landowner Tags

upon availability--call for information

Call for information (970)799-8223

Bring your own Chef!!

Special Price for Non-Hunting Camp Chef!!

Non-Hunting Chef for FREE when camp is full (4 or more hunters)

Cow Elk Hunts

Call for information (970)799-8223

Great for Weekend Hunters! 

Youth Hunts

To accompany the Hunter

 20% discount per youth!!