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Who We Are

Great-Grandpa Abel had His Team, Pete and Peggy

Mountain High Ranch was homesteaded in 1917 by Abel Montoya when the west was just starting to grow. Grandpa Abel had a vision for the future and a passion for family, farming and ranching. Times were hard, yet wildlife was abundant. Hunting was a way of trade, comraderie and survival. A man skilled with a gun or bow and a knife could survive the bitter cold winters.

Grandpa Leo

Leo Montoya continued the vision, raising 5 kids on dry-land, farming with his heart and sweat in ways that only farmers can understand.

My Family

For three generations we have farmed the land, and we have worked to maintain Grandpa Abel’s vision. Mountain High Ranch ® has striven to find a balance with nature, preserving it while developing it. Habitats for wildlife are getting harder to find and protect. We have added water sheds that feed ponds. The resident and migrating deer and elk are well fed. Various ryes and grasses grow in the forests, plus we have planted 100 acres of wildlife grasses, oats, wheat and some pinto beans. We plant some crops for forage, and some we let go to grain. We have taken responsibility for our part in the food chain and work to create a healthy fair chase hunt. What we offer is a high quality uncrowded hunting experience. .

Why Us?

We provide personalized attention to your hunting needs. Let us know what your preferences are, and we work double hard to provide them. Because we are privately owned, we offer greater flexibility to insure success of your outdoor adventure

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