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Hunting Questions

Can we use ATVs on our hunts?
Yes, if kept at a minimum. Keep in mind that unusual noises could scare the wildlife.

Is there a meat processing place nearby?
Yes, there are several. We are happy to refer you to the ones most preferred by our customers.

Is there a shooting range to site my rifle?
Absolutely! We will direct you to the closest one.

Can we arrive several days before the hunt?
In general, as long as it doesn't overlap with another group this is normally okay. However, sometimes it is good for the forest to "rest" before a new harvest.

How far away is the nearest gas station or restaurant?
Seven miles south to Red Mesa, or 15 miles north to Mancos or Hesperus.

What do we need to bring for our stay?
Hunting gear, personal toiletries, rain gear, bedroll/pillow for additional comfort, food, and any personal items you like to have with you.

Is it hard to draw for deer/elk in Colorado?
No points needed except for 4th season. We are in Game Unit 741 (GMU 741).  Private land has its advantages, but we can't guarantee a draw. Here's the link for the Colorado Department of Wildlife to get more information:

I am semi-disabled, and cannot walk too far, is that going to be a problem?
No problem, some trails are easier than others, and just as lucky. There are plenty of natural blinds.

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